Monday, May 25, 2015

Nightmare Stag 2.0 from August 2014

Hello persons.

Now, as the convention-season is coming closer AND the 3rd Season of Hannibal is going to air soon (Awyis), I naturally have to think about improving my Stag-Headpiece-Outfit-Combo again

As some of you might remember, it started out as this in 2013:

As it's all about evolving and improving, I changed it last year. Have some pictures of the Aninite 2014, where I embraced the staggy-ness once again:

wow@actual footage of me smiling haha. I think this is probably the only decent pic of me smiling ever taken man.

proof I am the prince of moths

And then there are, of course, pictures with my squad e_e <3 (sadly without Lena, as she's the one responsible for the amazing pictures!)

I actually have a whole lot of new ideas and I really hope I can turn at least some of them into reality, as watching my whole stag-outfit change and evolve over time is something I really enjoy. And it really adds to the whole convention-feeling for me, as usually I just go there to meet people and wearing cool outfits makes the whole thing just a lot more fun.

Anyways, that's it for now.

See ya.

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  1. wow, you look gorgeous! ;___; I love this staggy look!