Sunday, February 16, 2014


Well, well, well.

On one hand, I just really wish for a more spectacular life but on the other hand I feel like I really need that whole scheduled familiarity. 

What I know is that I would really like to have something interesting to post about, but there's not that much to say. :<

My nails are really short atm(like really, really short), but here are some old-ish nail pics:

One of the only things that did not change within the last few years is my ever-lasting love for this T-shirt! 

Snow. some weeks ago :

I went to a school-prom so yay for me for socializing a bit(I liked my outfit. A one-piece and a black 3/4 sleeve jacket and my beloved new belt):

I also went to Vienna with my parents and my little sister where I saw Ellie Goulding in concert! I've been listening to her music for a couple of years now and ..she's such a cutie and she's got an amazing voice ;a;

(The concert hall was so beautiful omg) 

AND...look at my new babies ;A; <3

I just wanted to buy a new ring but there was a -60% sale on the bracelet, how was I supposed to resist!?

The collection so far:


Yah, that's it...see ya <3

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  1. OH GOTT DER OHNEZAHN!!! *--------* mega derbe neid!! XD Sehr schöne Nägel und Outfits.. <3