Monday, December 30, 2013

New D.I.A Belt

So, a while ago I sold my leopard D.I.A belt so I can buy another one haha.
I think the new one fits my style way better and I already love it a whole lot; Just wanted to show you what it looks like:

Amazing buckle and chain: 

So, tomorrow is the last day of the year 2013...I have to admit this year was quite catastrophic and I really hope 2014 will give me the chance to make a new (good) start and turn things around again.

Anyways,  happy New Year to all of you (: !

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A big random post full of things.

Can you see how I lack creativity in terms of post titles?
Can you?

Now, this is basically a post full of pictures and stuff that happened from july til now...I guess? I have a folder full of pictures from my phone and my life is not that spectacular so making a post about every single one of those pictures would be more than pointless.

At the very beginning of june, on my way to Vienna 

No makeup-face, july as well. 

Some pictures I took in Croatia this summer:

My galaxy shirt (which was new at that time). Also one of the only times wearing shorts as it was really hot. Plus,first time having tanned legs in...ages,actually. 
That little fella got lost somehow and stayed for a day. 

 Some stuff I bought there:

Quite random photo of a weird outfit 

Feeling super-duper-rich before going to London in August 

In September I visited a H.R. Giger art exhibition in Linz, together with my friend Lena. c:

Drawing which was not finished at that time and still isn't finished now. 

Pretty cool tops which I bought on sale some months ago.

Yeah basically fucking snow in October (right now we have like NO FUCKING SNOW at all)
Yay for Fandom shirts
Yay for warm pullovers 
Yay for D.I.A ( nay for all the yay)

Some more yay for fandom shirts (and my cool new cool ear-thingy)

I actually travelled to Munich just to see the Doctor Who anniversary special! There were loooads of people wearing fandom shirts and cosplayers.

I really enjoy going to the cinema, I went to see a movie quite often within the last months:

Enders Game
Thor 2 ( seen twice)
Catching Fire
The Hobbit 2 ( seen twice)

Taken before seeing Hobbit 2 for the second time. c:

New top which I love a whole lot. 

Yesterday I went to the city - am I the only one who kinda likes after-christmas shopping? Every fucking thing is on sale, I really tried my best not to buy something (especially fandom-related stuff in the kids toys section haha..) me show you some of my christmas-presents:

...along with fuck loads of teabags. 
No I will never grow tired of that story 
Star Projector! Finally. 

So at the end of this post, let me post a few spam pictures of my obsessive relationship with nailpolish ;

That's it for now 

See ya <3