Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I bought in London

Hello guys!

So as I promised - here's the post about things I bought in London. 

When we went to Sainsburys on our first day we were absolutely amazed by they fact that they sell such a lot of various stuff and when I saw the PotC movie collection for 12pounds I just had to buy it haha.

My Primark haul consisting of..
A black hat
a grey/white pullover
a black/silver blouse
a black top with chain straps
 black/white leggings
snake skin leggings
a tote bag
hair pins
a hand cuff
and "caviar" nail polish

I bought this shirt in a biiiig DVD/CD shop, they had tons of fandom shirts and posters!

Bought this stuff in a pretty cool store we stumbled across, the top has some cute back details

I wanted some typical tourist-stuff as well haha

From the Who Shop 

From the Harry Potter Studios Merch-Shop

A little stele-flashlight, bought in a bookstore

From topshop, I absolutely love this

Purchased at Camden market:

I took this home with me for my parents and my little sister ( Well, the porridge was for me - always wanted to try it, safe to say I got pretty obsessed with it, I actually pre-ordered some from amazon as we don't have this stuff here haha)

oh lord. I wanted this for so long and it was actually my belated birthday present:

 Madly in love with it.

 So that's it I guess.

See ya <3

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  1. oh my god so many nice stuff!!! *__*
    and oh my goood vivienne westwood and harry potter djkvdncs.d