Saturday, November 9, 2013

My trip to London in August

Hey Guys!

Let's just act like I'm not 3 months late with this post, okay?

Because in August I went to London (what is something I've wanted to do for about 4 years, actually) for a week together with my beloved friend Nana <3 

As she lives kinda far away from me, I first had to travel to her place which is about nine or ten hours away from here haha. After staying there for ~2 days we got into the plane and were off to London ! Wheee!

We arrived there in the evening and it took us quite a while to find the hotel so there wasn't really that much activity on that day (except our little visit to Sainsburys which just impressed me so much haha :"D)

Everything was pretty impressive as it was my first time in such a big (and beautiful) city.

TMI movie poster we saw at the bank tube station:

We got up quite early the next day because we went to the cinema to see the mortal instruments - city of bones !

Movie poster that we saw in the cinema:

(random side informations - we went to see the movie again in the evening haha.)

Btw., did you guys know they sell hotdogs in cinemas ? Like...who eats a hotdog in cinema? Over here we just have sweets and popcorn and stuff.

Anyways, the rest of the day we spent walking around and exploring the city a bit.


On thursday we went to see the Harry Potter Studios !! Ahhhhhh !

My first time on a double-decker bus ! I was really exited about that as well haha. I had the amazingly bad idea to drink a whole cup of black coffee that morning and sitting up there felt kinda...weird.

The bus was awesome. I mean.. just look at it:

I'm not going to post all the pictures I took there but here are some I really want to share:

original (!) statues !

lookin' familiar?

the great hall

dueling table

We had some butterbeer together!
I can't describe the taste, really. But it tasted nothing like I imagined haha. (but..after having a few sips it just tasted so incredibly sweet that we poured it away)

They also had a BIIIIIIG fanshop of course. Took some pictures of it as well:

 Such a lot of cool stuff ;~; But it was quite expensive. 

When we went to bed on thursday we were convinced it's still wednesday but as I couldn't fall asleep I was lying awake and suddenly went like "Nana...omg tomorrow is friday, not thursay" so we had to change some of our plans haha. 

On Friday we went to the Doctor Who fanshop ! 
I wish I could show you some photos of how it looked on the inside.

We then continued shopping and just walking around c: a random clothing store

Piccadilly circus

On Saturday we went to see Camden Market and we also had plans on doing a bit of sightseeing.
What a pity the weather was quite London-y, a.k.a it was raining.

In the tube

Camden market!

M&M's world


London eye

Big ben a Phonebox!

Aaaaand the sherlock holmes museum! Which was closed :(

We got back to germany on Sunday and had somewhat of a cultural shock because everybody was speaking german :""D And on tuesday I returned to Austria.

Altogether, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to go back to London - I'm actually already making plans on staying there a whole month next summer.

I will make an additional post about the things I bought there soon btw. c:

See ya <3 

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