Sunday, October 6, 2013

AniNite 2013 - Day two, Saturday 10.08.13 - Swiggity Swag I'm a stag

First of all - YES, I am well aware of the fact that this post is really fucking late. And I am sorry. 
Anyways..I just wanted to show you the pictures that were taken on AniNite's Saturday!

The ones of you who know the NBC show Hannibal will probably know the "Swiggity Swag I'm a stag" thingy..
The show actually gave me the motivation to craft the antler-headpiece (I mean, I've seen these things long before and I always wanted something like that but I never really had the motivation or the occasion for it). 
Anyways, the outfit is just an alternative creation...thingy.

Here we go

Taken by Lena:

Taken by Christoph, a Convention-Photographer:

The convention itself was, well, convention-y. I mainly went there for the people(as always) and nothing that rememberable happened.

Gonna show you the pictures of the last convention-day next time.

Seeya <3