Thursday, August 15, 2013

AniNite 2013 - Day one, Friday, 9.08.13, Isabelle Lightwood Cosplay

Hello guiseee.

I actually still have some posts to write (about my trip to rome, my trip to croatia and an update post) but I think I will just go with the posts about the Austrian Convention "AniNite" before I do that haha.

On the first day Lena and I travelled to Vienna where we arrived about midday-time. We then met a friend of ours with whom we stayed for the time being in Vienna (thanks again Rene :D )

Friday is the least busy day at conventions so we just spent our time gambling around and looking for the people we knew would be there.

I also decided to cosplay one of my favourite female characters out of a book - Isabelle Lightwood from the book series "The mortal instruments" (which is one of my favourite book series, the books are a-fucking-mazing!)
It really was a last minute cosplay and I did not really prepare well for it but in fact I don't regret doing it c:

Here are some of the pictures I took with my phone :

And some of the photos Lena took (thanks again my dear <3)  :

we also saw a wonderful Jack Frost Cosplayer and oh god he was so cute like ugh

Yeah that's pretty much it about the first day I guess. More posts to follow.

See you <3