Wednesday, July 3, 2013

D.I.A. Sailor Romper

Hello guys! 

Soo today I'm finally posting some pics of the D.I.A romper I got a while ago. As I already mentioned I've been looking for it for over a year and I was so happy when I finally found someone selling it ;a; (even though I needed shopping service).
It's currently a bit too big on me and makes me shine pale like a ghost but I really love it c:

So here it is:



Closer look:

(actual gambling makeup and messed up hair because I went to the city before)

It's rather sexy and short and I'm not really used to wearing stuff like that but it's comfy as well c:

I also took some pics of my  D.I.A belt but I'm going to make another post about that so

Seeya <3


  1. I have this one too *_* it's one of my favorites. it looks nice on you^^

  2. wow you're so thin it's creepy

  3. You're not looking creepy at all! Seems like someone's jealous...
    This romper looks great on you btw! I have an eye on it, too ^^ Love things from d.i.a <3

    Aaaaand I'm following you now, hope that's okay ^-^