Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So first on I probably should mention that I am
for abandoning my blog.

I had to deal with lots of stress and issues concerning school and personal stuff and I never found time or energy to write an update. I honestly missed blogging a lot.

There hasn't been a lot of stuff going on in my life
I mean there has been but
nothing I could really put here I suppose.

So here are some random pics I took some months ago

along with some pics of cool stuff I bought

I am reaaally fond of these kind of faux-leather leggings 

As you may know (no you don't. I can't really recall writing about it) it's some kind of weird habit(?) of me and my family to "collect" caterpillars in autumn before they turn into cocoons so we can keep them save during winter. We somehow started doing that when I was about 7 years old and my parents thought it would be nice to continue doing it so we did. So altogether there were 6 butterflies born in this house this year :D here are pics of two of them:

Furthermore ...we've got turtles now! (my parents' idea as they are quite easy to take care of)

The one on the pictures is named Chronos (which was my idea as chronos was the god of time, according to greek mythology) and the other one's called Cleo.

Some moar pics:

OH god I am really exited but nervous about this. I've never been to a festival before and I know it can be kinda dangerous and idk I'm really afraid of like just sitting around alone or stuff haha.

Found these little gems in a store I'd never expected them to be in!

outfit I wore at my little sisters' confirmation

FatM T-shirt which Anna gave me as a birthday present c:


My D.I.A. Sailor Romper! I've been looking for this for more than a year now and I was lucky enough to find some kind of shopping service so I got it as a birthday present for myself! I absolutely love it and I'll definitely show you some better pics as soon as I've got time for really wearing it.

Some stuff I bought with mum before I went to Rome:

Some stuff I bought in Rome:

(as a make-up addict there was nooooo way of  resisting haha. I'll make a  separate post about all the stuff though!)

I'll also make a separate post about my trip to Rome btw. :D 

Nail Polish Addict

I frikkin love holo effect!

Outfit for cinema last friday:

I went to see Fast and Furious 6 and even though I've never seen any of these films before I was really disappointed
A film I really liked was Iron Man 3, went to watch it together with Anna in May and I really enjoyed it c:



My new Set of Make-Up brushes

My D.I.A moon belt which I bought kinda long ago. Going to show some better pics in one of my next posts. 

No interesting looks, just plain and boring and really everyday-ish as I never really had any occasions to do something else haha. Hope that'll change pretty soon

Anyways, that's it for now
See ya <3