Monday, April 1, 2013

Wow look who's blogging again

Hello guys.
Well..uhm. I mean I know it was my plan to ...make less blog posts with more content instead of more blog posts with less content but anyways...I'm really really sorry, I can't even remember the last time I made an entry.
School keeps me pretty busy and as you know I'm quite lazy so...may you forgive me.

So, always, I'll just post some new gets here (what means things I got in the last few months as they are not really new anymore now)

cardigan..jacket...thingy....which was really cheap


 - another jacket c: 


My new skinny lip which I absolutely love 

Some casual clothing

(well if I'm honest I already regret buying this because I think it makes me look quite fat)

Aaaand a backpack. Really cheap as well and as I usually just carry my damaged handbag with me I thought having a bit of a change wouldn't be that bad.

Then there new killer heels. Hehehe.
They make me look tall as hell and I'm really not used to that as I'm pretty short..

Some make up as I'm some kind of a make-up junkie

[new lip tint] 

and some nail polish as this is also something I'm overly fond of

Furthermore I got this heart garter. I really like it but I'm a bit scared it won't look good on me. 

Oh yeah wow I promised myself not to buy new games until I finished all the ones I've got at home so well done.

 My hair color kinda faded and I tried to dye it to some kind of blondish silver again but tbh this coloration isn't the best for that.. 

 also it only stayed for idk 4 days..

uhm right...let's end this with some random pictures.

Well that's it for now. 
Nothing interesting going on in my life, really.
Just concentrating on school and planning my summer vacations. You have noooo fucking idea how much I'm looking forward to them. Not only do I want to go to London and Croatia, I also want to meet some friends again and.......just have a long time to relax and go by train whenever I want and ugh. Please.

See ya guys.