Thursday, January 24, 2013

How. do. Time.?

Hello there~
So...Firstly, I have to apologise.
I feel like I'm the worst blogger ever as I HAVEN'T EVEN WISHED YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
And it's the 24th of january. 
I'm so sorry. But happy belated new year. <3

Whatsoever, I'm extremely busy at the moment. Lots of things to do for school and such a little amount of time.
As this situation will stay the same until summer I'll just make some big posts every month instead of some little ones every week. My apologies.

So. What happened?
A few things I ordered before christmas arrived. Yes, it took them long to arrive but you know. ebay.
(some things still haven't arrived and ugh how about no)

Here, have some pictures

Precious baby :"3

The wig doesn't suit me at all, especially the color ;a;  

Also, have some random pictures.

Ear; right side.
Ear; left side. 
Random face. 
random face. again. 

huehueheuheuhehue. <3 
My hair-wave. After washing my hair. everytime.
Stuff that was on sale. Very very cheap.


5 Shades of grey.. 

Some new make-up-thingies. 

That's it for now. 
See you~


  1. Ugh, let me marry you, you pretty thing. ;o; ♥

  2. cool clothes *-* i want everything XD I have similar Doctor Who thirt, but it's blue and there is written "Keep calm and allons-y" ^^
    btw, we ave similar new-years resolutions, but I have them for the whole year, so I don't call them resolutions XD

  3. you are so cute with black hair! :3