Friday, December 28, 2012


OK at first I really need to apologize for not writing anything in like...idk how long.
My laptop didn't work properly and it had to be repaired so yeah. I'm not keen on blogging on my phone hehe.
Also, my life isn't that interesting and I'm a lazy bitch
I'm back.

Merry (late) Christmas to everyone c: !! I really hope you had a nice feast~

Soo. where to start?

here have a picture of my laptop because it's back uhuhuhsudfgfu ;a; 

I'm just going to show you a few pictures because there's really not that much I can write about

Yes I do like photographing skies. This was like a month ago when I sat in the train to Salzburg.

A little sketch. yeah hard to guess who this is right

A pretty skull off-shoulder top I ordered 

CDs which were very very cheap /happy/

The necklace I bought a while ago <3

My current #1 Nail-polishes :

Yes that's holo-effect

Winter in ibk haha.

Well, then...there was christmas.
Merry Christmas me.

That's what I got ugh I feel like a spoiled child or something because ugh  
Look at dem pretty babies ;a; <3 

this shirt is just super comfy 

I actually didn't expect this but my parents got that for me and ugh it smells so freaking great

furthermore I ordered some stuff

a wing for my ear c: already wearing it, I'm going to show you a picture of my ear soon haha


Diamond lash volume series No. 04 cute eyes! Smaller than expected but I like them

Today I went shopping with the christmas money I got from my relatives

that's how I looked
(yes this is a wig)


very fatty

The light makeup

And that's what I bought:

Eagle shirt with some spikes
A black cap with some spikes
Golden-print leggigns

Black headband
some fucking glow-in-the-dark nailpolish
Black swan Bluray because it's one of my fav. movies!


Sooo that's it for now I think.
I'm going to make another post soon because ugh I need to show you my new belt it's beautiful.

Also, I'm looking forward to Newyears eve!

See you soon 


  1. omg. OMG. ich L.I.E.B.E dieses erste schädel-batik whatever shirt *O* wo hastn das her? Q///Q

    1. habs jemandem abgekauft also eig. privatkauf, kA woher sie das hatte D:

  2. Lang nicht mehr gehört das Lied am Ende, aber ich liebe es, stecken viele Erinnerungen drinnen.

    Dein Xmas Bild ist so niedlich, du bist einfach hübsch ^^

    hoff es geht dir gut

    1. Ich wusste garnicht dass du muse hörst/gehört hast c: hör ich momentan ständig :3

      danke, das ist lieb ;A;

      joah man lebt haha. Hoffe dir gehts auch gut <3

  3. uuuuii endlich blogst du wieder *O*
    ich habe deine einträge vermisst und gott deine fotos <3

    du hast das westwood parfüm und eine ähnliche kette, echt geil

    1. awww das freut mich zu hören danke ;a; <3

  4. I have the same T-shirt (, and I love it so much <3 :D I adore all your makups and stylizations. You're so pretty *-* OMG, Supernatural & Harry Potter aww ♥

    1. Yees it's awesome right c:? I saw it and I just knew that I need to buy it haha.
      Awww thank you very much ;-; <3