Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sometimes things get, whatever.

Hello, y'all.
Long time no see.

So, I basically spend ALL my time with doing school stuff or watching supernatural. Meh.

So this is just some kind of update again.

I finally finished my Xenomorph drawing!
I'm not fully satisfied but I'm glad I finished it.

Also, I went to a super-nice american bar/restaurant with my family.

It was about time to get a new Kigurumi. Hurrdurr.

Didn't go out on halloween. Did my make-up tho.

New shoes <3 I'll wear them at the prom this weekend

...aaaand a necklace for the prom.

 I'll post some pictures of my prom outfit and stuff on sunday hehe c:

Got them as a present from my parents' friend. Epic *^*

I also finally started to play the piano and I have to say that I really enjoy it c: Pity I didn't start a bit earlier haha.

That's it (the other pics I wanted to post mysteriously disappeared somehow haha)

See you~