Monday, October 22, 2012

Jacksfilms meetup in Munich, 6.10.12

Hello guys~

I know it's a bit late to talk about it, but nevermind.

On the 6th of October I went to Munich together with Anna to meet Jack from Jacksfilms as there was a fan-meetup :D

That's what I wore~


At first we were like being very very confused because we didn't know where exactly the meetup would be. So we were searching around until we found it.
A few other youtubers were there, too, but we only knew Jack haha.
So we were waiting for a chance to talk with him and after a bit of waiting we finally did.
At first we just talked for about 15 minutes and asked him to take a picture with us (heeere they are)

Jack and me ( no clue what's wrong with my cheek haha)

Jack and Anna

He also made a video which he didn't upload e__e" (Me and Anna were both kinda...disappointed)
but whatever.
After that we just went to drink a beer

And thennnn we had no clue what to do. 
So we just went over to Jack again, who was talking to a few other people.

Alltogether I think we talked for like over an hour and it was really nice. He's such a cool guy xD
In the end, we drank some shots together and everybody seemed to have loads of fun.

Whee. Pretty cool.

So that's it for today. 
Seeya <3

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