Monday, October 8, 2012

black hair ; recent gets and so on;

hey guys

first on; 
I made a new video

Soo..let's spam a bit with black hair pics.

If you just thought I really dyed my hair black, that's great.
Because I did not.
It's my new wig and I'm actually pretty fond of it c:
won't dye my hair black in real tough

sooo..I'll just show you some new gets.
I'll write about the jacksfilms munich meetup in another post.

new shirt

new shirt..jacket..hoodie..thingie.

Anna had some bonus points from emp and ordered loads of stuff and so she ordered these two for me 

so in love

and three weeks ago my parents just came up to me like "hey look what we bought we're sure you'll like it!"(I doooo.)

furthermore, I started drawing some stuff again (after fckin ages..)
still not finished. I really hope it'll turn out ok. I'm not a pro at drawing.

yeah, that's it for now.
Pretty busy and fucked up atm.

See ya <3

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  1. oooh wie anders du mit der wig aussiehst, krass!! *_* sieht gut aus!