Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trip to greece

Hey guise.

Seems like a lot of people had pretty cool travels in the holidays ..and I.. went to Greece again. ( even if I returned nearly two weeks ago but I didn't find time to write something about it since then)

So,..well. Let me show you a few pics.

Some extremely delicious food I ate at the airport.

They had that weird fish's basically a small tub full of fish which all the old skin from people's feet. 

 Some derpyness. Nobody fucking cared about how I look anyways haha xD

frappucino. mhhhh~

It looked very beautiful, + it remembered me a bit on hogwarts at night haha.


The beach :3 
I went snorkeling a lot and I saw a lot of cool fish ! Aaaand I saw two morays and an octopus . At first I was like "wuuuuut ommmmg.", but they looked so cool c: I also found a lot of seashells and some skeletons of sea urchins but I don't have a pic of them D: 

So alltogether it was very nice, even tough it was waaay too hot and there were lots of fuckin mosquitoes.

See ya~


  1. omg what's the name of the place >.< cuz I think it's same place I was at, two weeks ago as well :D

  2. Yes that's the place ^^ it's really nice don't you think :D

    1. aww cool :D Yes it is, even tough it was waaay too hot for me haha..and the mosquitoes were super annoying :c