Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer of '12 (picture-heavy)

Yo guys. 

Holidays are over. And so is the summer I guess haha.
So, let me show you a few pics I took in the last few..months)

The holidays passed insanely fast. I wanted to do lots of things...which I didn't do. Well, fuck.

Even tough I had some "highlights", like the time I spent together with mina and inu in linz and the time I spent with P(also the trip to klagenfurt because fuck, it was nice). Also going out with my friends from secondary school was fun. (+ my further personal changes in life haha)

Here, have the picturespam.

Some jewelery (as they were on sale)

tshirt which I bought in July 

the not-styled hair D:

Went to the shisha bar with lisa :3

;A; <3 Finished "the tributes of panem" within 1 week because the books are fucking awesome.

Some new nail polish! #1-#4 are from OPI, my aunt brought them from her trip to the USA c: 


jay,me and anna in ibk c:

AND the fucking cute steampunk stitch pin which P gave to me ;___; <3

Some cosmetics n stuff


new mr. bag <3 finally. ruined my old bad again a while ago.

present from my mum because I love owls and cats :3


daily visitor in the garden heheh.

Yeah that's it I guess. I'll have fuck loads of stress in the next time.

See ya~



    I have the exact same shirt as you! Haha, just wanted to say that, don't mind me. :)

  2. OH MY GOOOSH! Der Steampunk Stitch *0* ♥

  3. ";A; <3 Finished "the tributes of panem" within 1 week because the books are fucking awesome."

    same problem. Why did they have to end?!?!?! WHY!?

    And damn, you look gorgeous!

  4. erinnerst mich bei dem unteren gif voll an babydoll

  5. sag mal..
    wie bekommst du deine haare so schön silber ? ♥

    1. mit silbershampoo o: sie sind leider nicht überall gleichmäßig silber ,__,