Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hey guys 


what's going on?

I am..pretty bored. Or I just have that fucking mood of I-don't-fucking-know


I went out with a few friends from my old school and we went to the cinema to see the movie "Ted"
It was really funny and I enjoyed it a lot. 
So if you like comedies, go and watch it!
After going to the cinema we went to a bar where we got a bit drunk.
They had like 28 different kinds of beer and a tried one with like ~11%alcohol( it was just fucking disgusting xD) and a raspberry beer which was like omfg a drink of gods. They also had cherry beer and stuff and sweeeeet jesus, that stuff is just fucking amazing.
(I also drank absinthe for the first time, it wasn't that bad)

I also met P and we pretty much did the same stuff as always xD

But basically...I don't know. I don't feel how I'm supposed to feel while having holidays I guess. Difficult to explain actually.

I don't feel like anything interesting has happened so far... so here, have a picturespam.

before I went to the cinema...

aaand the makeup of that day

some webcam randomness


here, in the end, have a gif I took a while ago

see ya


  1. Got to love the ol' picture spam ;)
    I love the hair and makeup! <3

  2. oh my god, baby. you look so grown up ;O; huhuhuuu. hope you're feeling fine, and I miss you. every. single. day.

    1. nawwhhh ;___; <3<3 thank you darling <3<3
      and I miss you too ,__,

  3. dein make up ist echt toll *o*
    ich bin grad froh das ich dich wiedergefunden habe <3 hab eben auch schon deine ganzen posts gestaltk. dein blog hieß doch mal anders oder?

    1. danke <3
      jaa ich hab auch meine url geändert, und bei sowas leitet blogger die leute nicht um ,___,

  4. Love your hair, you also got beatiful eyes :3