Thursday, July 5, 2012

Made In Japan 2012 and some random stuff

Hey guys

How are you?

Last Saturday I went to a convention called Made in Japan with p c:
I met a lot of people but the convention itself was actually pretty boring and fucking hot. We nearly melted(not nearly. clearly. at least my make up did.)
Howsoever,it was really nice to see all these people again.

molten makeup. Photo made by P c:

I'm so lazy when it comes to taking photos so I just have 2 photos of (pretty cool) cosplayers:

tony stark and loki cosplay

assassins creed ezio cosplay

Furthermore I had this AWESOME drink
photo made by P

We also saw moon kana live before we went to the train station in the evening

Tomorrow will be my last school day before summer vacations. School life wasn't that busy in the last week of course and all I did in my spare time was playing ps3. 
I'm currently very into assassins creed and I'm playing AC 2 atm c:

I also changed the posters in my room, even if I already know I'm going to change them again.

well,that's it for today

see you

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