Sunday, July 22, 2012

The last 2 weeks of travelling.

As I have summer vacations I'm travelling as much as possible so I went to Salzburg, Klagenfurt and Linz.

On wednesday two weeks ago I went to visit P in Salzburg.
Before I got to the trainstation I went to buy new sunglasses as I didn't like my old ones anymore.

In Salzburg we spent our time...sleeping or eating or just relaxing. c: 
We also went to the "Europark" once, where we saw this awesome postcard!

On Saturday we went to Klagenfurt.. 
..and we visited Seita and Hiki c:
In the evening we had a delicious meal and we talked a lot. In fact, we had very less sleep as we went to bed at six in the morning. It was very very nice tough,we laughed a lot and we had lots of fun ♡ . Only the 6 hours of driving home by train were kinda annoying.


Last wednesday I went to Linz to visit Mina and Inu. I haven't seen them for such a long time and I was soo happy to see them again ;-;

In the first evening we went to a friend of mina and we left at half past four in the morning. We talked about pretty everything and it was such a wonderful evening, even tough Inu and I were scared like fuck as we were sitting in the garden and it was dark /D

The next day wasn't that spectacular, we spent the day at mina's home where we spent our time talking and relaxing c: (and shipping everything) . (Inu had to leave in the afternoon ,____,). In the evening Patrick visited and we talked about books and people and so on. I was also very happy to see him again haha.
Even if the day wasn't that spectacular it was a nice day.

On friday, we went to the city and from there, Inu and I went to a convention called "MACOnvention", together with Patrick and Sarah.
[Inu gave me a Linkin Park CD because I'm a big fan of them and omg I was so happy :"< ]

My styling. Yeah I was lazy again.

It was pretty boring(ok we went there in the evening but well..) and we went to see the concert of anli policino. They were quite good c:

They even held a signing session right after the concert.

Later that day, we went to pick up mina and then we went to Mcdonalds to get some food.
At Minas home we made some gifs together c:

On Saturday we slept until 3 p.m. and then we(Mina,Inu and me) had some delicious breakfast haha. Shortly after that we had to go ,_____,

Alltogether, these four days were just wonderful..but I miss Mina very much already and Inu too, of course ;__;

So in fact, the last two weeks were pretty nice and omg I don't want the holidays ever to end.

That's it for now.
see ya ♡

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New video(make up tutorial), blogaward and comment

Yooo guiseee.

I made a new video
It's my first attempt to make a make-up tutorial.
I'm also planning to make a hair tutorial soon because some people asked for it c: 

Tell me if you like it.

Some time ago I got this comment here on blogspot
it's pretty cute haha but I never had a old blog xD I just changed the name. And I never really deleted old pictures.. o: ok. I did by now and I guess I'm going to make a post about how my style changed over the years soon buuuut if you want to see some special old pictures just tell me.

ohh and I got tagged with the "Liebster Blog award" c: thanks <3 !

the rules ..
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
Oh and you have to choose 11 people and tag them but as I'm too lazy for that..just feel tagged if you want to haha.

So. 11 things about me.
1) As you may noticed already I changed my blog design and my name again. The blog design will might change again in the future but I hope I'll just keep the name now. 
2) As you might realized, I can hardly decide anything and I don't know what I really want.
3) Currently I'm only listening to english music.
4) I describe myself as weird and I also get described as weird by other persons
5) I don't have a problem with being weird. I prefer being weird and unique to being normal and boring.
6) I wanted to start making youtube videos about 2 years ago but I was so lazy that I started,well,now.
7) My english isn't perfect and so it's my goal to be able to speak fluent english one day.
8) It's been my dream to become an actress for a few years now. I want to do something creative.
9) Sometimes I think too much about various things so I sometimes get stuck in my imagination while being awake.
10) Sleeping without dreaming isn't half as beautiful as sleeping with dreaming a lot is.
11) I want cake. now.

And here are the 11 questions I got from moe monstereye :3

1. If you are on facebook: What disturbs you the most on facebook?
The stupid people. I've got a lot of people I don't even like in my "friends list" what's kinda stupid but I want to make a new fb profile anyways.

2. Do you drink water with or without bubbles?

3. What do you do if you don't have ANY idea what to do at 1:41 am? (I am posting this stupid question. XD)
If I have internet access I'm going to watch videos..or movies.
If internet maybe haha.

4. Do you like American food?
well it depends on what you mean with "american food" xD

5. Do you have a male or a female best friend? Or both? (Or do you have ANY friends? XDD)
2 female best friends. Well I hate calling somebody best friend. Let's just say I've got 2 very close friends which I know a long time and other good friends haha.

6. How would you call yourself if you would be in an anime?

7. Do you have any annoying thing (like a tradition) you do every day?
uhm no. I don't think so.

8. Tell me 3 things you would like to change on yourself.
I would like to be skinny, Have healthy longer hair and a prettier face(and healthier skin). Oh and I'd like to be able to sing very well.

9. How would you react if a J-Rock song would be played in the radio?
I think it would be..funny maybe xD

10. Do you sometimes feel sad suddenly for no reason?
Yeees. I hate it.

11. Are you annoyed now from all these stupid questions?
No not really .

Soo that's it for today.
Tomorrow I'm going to linz to see some of my sweethearts again <3

see you <3 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A bit of an update, pictures and a new video

hey guys~

soooo summer vacation is here c:

Last friday I went to innsbruck with jeanny,lisa and janine.
it was the first time since 2 years (I guess) that we 4 were there together haha.
We had looooots of fun and we were like....well,weird. Like always haha.
I danced around with jeanny in the middle of the city and we sung some funny stuff and jeeeez it was wonderful. I really missed those things.

that's what happens everytime if I have no time for styling. cap and not-glasses glasses.

Yesterday I decided to try another look and I took a few pictures

I also made a video!

No I'm not always like this,trust me.
oh at least I hope so

today I went for a little shopping spree.....

......and I wasted my money on things like nailpolish, peeling aaaand this super cool lipgloss because it was cheap. and silver.

I guess that's it for now. see you

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Made In Japan 2012 and some random stuff

Hey guys

How are you?

Last Saturday I went to a convention called Made in Japan with p c:
I met a lot of people but the convention itself was actually pretty boring and fucking hot. We nearly melted(not nearly. clearly. at least my make up did.)
Howsoever,it was really nice to see all these people again.

molten makeup. Photo made by P c:

I'm so lazy when it comes to taking photos so I just have 2 photos of (pretty cool) cosplayers:

tony stark and loki cosplay

assassins creed ezio cosplay

Furthermore I had this AWESOME drink
photo made by P

We also saw moon kana live before we went to the train station in the evening

Tomorrow will be my last school day before summer vacations. School life wasn't that busy in the last week of course and all I did in my spare time was playing ps3. 
I'm currently very into assassins creed and I'm playing AC 2 atm c:

I also changed the posters in my room, even if I already know I'm going to change them again.

well,that's it for today

see you