Sunday, June 24, 2012

short update again

hey guys

errrrm. I guess school stress is over. for now.

whatever. Nothing really interesting happened

a few things for my ps3 arrived
...and I'm currently saving money for games haha.

oh and I've got a wonderful "the avengers" poster, but I'll show it to you as soon as my other poster arrives haha.

Soo...summer holidays are near! and even if I'll have to study in august, I'm looking forward to july and the week in august when I'll go to Greece.

so. that's it for now.

see you


  1. You got tagged with the Liebster Blog Award! C:

  2. Liebe für deine Ohrringe! (*_*) Wäre ich nicht so ein Schisser bei Ohrlöchern...