Sunday, May 27, 2012

new lens, monitor & cinema again

Heeeey guys

Sooo last week my new lens arrived c:
I saw them about...a year or half a year ago and it was love at first sight, so I'm happy I finally bought them xD

Oh friday I went to cinema with anna and tizi. We watched the avengers (I had to see it again. I'm so fckin obsessed with that movie)
You know, the first time I went there I was like "ashduahfuahfds that movie is fcking fantastic"
second time...
anna is a fangirl too now >D

but omg this movie is so great
I looooove loki and tony stark/iron man
and djfsijdifj I need to see it once more. ;A;

Here a few pics I took on friday:
tha loki colors on my nails

AND! My dad went shopping last week and randomly found a cheap/big monitor ;A; and I bought it ( with the money I wanted to save for summer holidays haha)

that's it for today. see ya <3