Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lm.c concert in munich - 19.05.2012 / Birthday&presents

Hey guys~

nahh. I'm so fcking exhausted. So please excuse all the english mistakes, I can't think clearly..

Well, so it was my birthday a week ago..and I want to show my presents haha c:

SO much win ;A;
but...I can't play yet ;___; because I haven't got a monitor and I'm currently saving money/looking for a good one.

looking forward to play it ;___; so damn much

do I even need to explain why? I mean yeah, pretty cool watching this as a online movie stream. BUT BLURAY. WITH DELETED SCENES. omfg. my feelings.

cute necklace I got from P <3

Sooo on saturday, I went to munich to the Lm.c concert c:

new lashes+lenses

My outfit wasn't special

howsoever, in the morning I was like
"haha my hair is healthier again, let's style it"
and my hair was just like
 It looked horrible in my opinion. was a very, very, very nice day!
I had lots of fun with my friends. 
We had like...a lil party in front of the hall 
We laughed so much /D

The concert itself was pretty cool. 
Lm.c were my favorite band ~2 years ago, so I was happy about the fact they also played some old songs like bell the cat, punky heart, ghost heart etc..
Sadly I stood in the last row but.. haha I danced all the time and I imagine it as very ridiculous-looking but nevermind xD 

Last but not least...some cute pictures I got for my birthday ;A; <3 

from neku <3

and this is from anji haha <3

Sooo...that's it for today. I'll post again tomorrow, about new gets and stuff

see ya <3

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