Friday, May 11, 2012

First piercing + new gets

heeeey guys c:

omg it's so hot ;A; I'm literally melting here haha.

sooooo....guess what? I've got my first piercing two days ago *A* finally <3
My parents are strict against piercings and tattoos, so I just had pierced ears..even tough I wanted a piercing since I'm 11 //D ( wanted a bellybutton piercing back then..then I wanted snakebites, then a tongue I would like to have a surface, one more lip piercing, an eyebrow piercing, lots of piercings on my ear, a tongue piercing and so on...and tattoos of course....whatever)

buuuut. My parents finally allowed me to get a labret :3 as I begged them all the waaay~

I really love it c:

what do you think? does it suit me c: ?

furthermore, new things arrived

double-ring with a cross 

I ADMIT that I'm addicted to buy lashes. But I think I'll stop ordering lashes now because I have a ridiculously amount of them.

another wig. it was very cheap ..and wigs can be very practical :3

new lens. I got them as a replacement for the new ones I ordered because they arrived damaged. If you want I can write a review..

aaand...extensions. because my old ones are old. 

mhhh and I made some kind of...cap? a few days ago..
I'll show it in the next post.

see ya <3


  1. Wah! That labret really suits you ;A;♥

    and sleeper, that was so awesome to hear live ;A;♥

  2. oh, and i forgot to mention, you're tagged ~:3