Friday, May 18, 2012

birthday and the last few days

hey guys <3 was my birthday 2 days ago!
I didn't party yet. I'll probably do on the weekend
I already know what I'll get as present from my parents because haha I ordered it.
And it'll be fcking amazing.
I'll show it to you as soon as it arrives c:

whatever...I got.....fooooood
a lot of it

and a cool cake from jeanny. So cute ;~; what happened in the last few days. I went to the cinema to see american pie with a friend. It was really funny.

And I went to see the avengers. alone. and I didn't even mind going alone because

and I wanted to have nails in black/green/gold but I'm horrible at making gel nails and the green was too light .A.

ohh and today I was very bored. So I tried a natural look, means like no lens, no eyeliner, just eyebrows and a bit of concealer. what do you think about it?
so norrrmal...

yeahh I guess that's it for now.
see ya


  1. The cap looks cool, I can totally see you rocking it. I like your natural look, you're very pretty! I think that wig looks nice on you as well :>


  2. That wig color really suits you ^.^

    Do you mind telling me where you purchased it? It looks really nice <3

    1. thank you c:~

      it's from ebay xD it was very cheap as it isn't real hair...I think it was about ~19$
      I just searched for " long brown wig" or something like that D: