Saturday, April 21, 2012

gif spam + videos

hey guys

hoooooowever. Some time ago I mentioned that I've got a new youtube channel.

I uploaded new videos today.

I think I sound horrible //D
Don't know if my voice reaaally sounds that weird or if it's just because I'm sick ..

I also made a kind of hair tutorial and vk inspired outfit video but I'm not sure if I'll upload it 

eww D:

sooooo. today I had a lot of fun making gifs

weird smile

that's it haha


  1. ich finde dein lächeln auch sehr hübsch ^^ es wirkt unbeschwert.. außerdem hast du schöne zähne..:D

    das erste video wirkt ein bisschen an den haaren herbeigezogen..aber es ist trotzdem süß XD

  2. i love your hair also!!
    you are so cute! :)
    i wish i could style my hair like you ddid!

  3. nice gifs and a youtube channel that I might follow in the future^^

  4. i love your smile and hair ! ;A;♥

  5. Wie oder wo hast du die gifs gemacht? :o

  6. cute, pretty, lovely Nyu is FUCKING CUTE PRETTY AND LOVELY!!! <333 ;A; so pwetty, baby.

  7. >< I love your hair! please post up that tutorial for it!!! <3

  8. Hi~! *^-^*~
    Please, please, please upload a hair tutorial?? \^o^/ I'd looove to try your hairstyle someday too *o* I adore your hair ^-^ and your smile! =D so cuute~~ Thank you~!! ~<3

  9. huhu
    sag mal wo haste das t-shirt? mit dem kreuz her ? oder is das ein schlafi ?